Cracks In Maharashtra Alliance Ahead Of Mumbai Civic Polls

Mumbai Civic Polls: Cracks in Maharashtra Alliance ahead

With Congress’s top leader Milind Delora taking a firm stance on the upcoming civic elections in Mumbai, cracks began to emerge in Maharashtra’s ex-ruling coalition Maha Vikas Aghadi. Shiv Sena accused of gerrymandering, redrawing electoral wards for election benefits — Deora stated that his party had not been able to maintain coalition dharma. If Congress’ interests aren’t protected, he said, the Congress “is ready to walk out”.

“If Congress’s fight for rights poses a threat to MVA, then we will take that risk. In an exclusive interview with Bibarud, Mr Deora stated that if someone violates coalition dharma the Congress will walk out.

Deora has always been critical about the Shiv Sena, even though the Congress was part of the ruling alliance. He has now written to Eknath Shiv Shinde, his new Chief Minister and Devendra Fadnavis accusing them both of gerrymandering certain wards.

Brihanmumbai Corporation, which is dominated and controlled by the Sena, has the title of the most wealthy civic entity in India.

The BMC is not accountable at the moment and democracy elections are required. “The redrawing wards was done in order to serve the Shiv Sena’s interests,” stated Mr Deora. He has recently been appointed observer for Gujarat assembly elections, which are scheduled later this year.