Crackdown on illegal activities in Tezpur

Crackdown on illegal activities in Tezpur

Tezpur: Recently, a series of successful attacks on drugs, illegal gambling, cattle smuggling, illegal alcohol and cannabis have been successful in various parts of the Sonitopur district.

Based on the tip-off, Sushanta Biswa Sarma, police chief, and Sonitpur police team (headquarters) Madhurima Das under the supervision of an additional SP seized 15 kg of ganja, in connection with three people near the Napaam area of ​​Tezpur. Was arrested. Police station. They have been identified as Abdul Jalil (45), Shah Jahan Ali (44), and Abdul Rahman (38).

In another assault by Sonitopur police in the Batamari area of ​​NH-37 with 12 AP battalion personnel, two people were arrested and two soap cases, including a 20-gram heroine suspect, were recovered from possession. Police also confiscated a bicycle with registration number AS-12-D-3477. Arrested were Nur Hussain (32), who lives in Madhya Bagamur village under Samaguri PS in the Nagaon district, and Nur Ali (32), who lives in Koroiani Nepali Gaon under the Tezpur police station.

In yet another case of cattle smuggling, IC Singari operated under Dekiajuri PS in the Sonitopur district and recovered 12 cattle with two vehicles with registration numbers AS12BC3558 and AS12AC8170. In the area below Charidwar PS, we collected 12 cartons of beer and 9 cartons of wine. According to police, the driver of the vehicle managed to escape.

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