Cottonmouth Snake Eats Python In Florida, Chilling X-Ray Reveals Bones

Cottonmouth Snake Eats Python In Florida. A Chilling X-Ray Reveals the Bones

In Florida, a cottonmouth snake ate a python that had a tracker. The tracker was discovered by the Miami Zoo. The X-ray taken inside the snake’s stomach with the python in it was posted by the Miami Zoo to Facebook. The tracking transmitter was mounted on the spine. It allows staff from the Zoo to track the snake’s movements and manage them. It was also revealed that the Burmese Python had been eaten tail-first.

You may have seen the story about the Burmese Python-invading Bobcat in Florida stealing eggs and eating them. However, this isn’t the only indigenous species that is fighting back. The Zoo Miami surgeons discovered that a python with a tracking device was being eaten by a native cottonmouth. On this radiograph (x-ray) taken at Zoo Miami, you can clearly see the spine, as well as the transmitter, inside the cottonmouth.

It measured 43 inches in length and ate the Burmese Python, measuring 39 inches.

Newsweek reached out the Zoo, who referred to this incident as the “fighting back” of the native species against the invasive Python.