Congress "Confined To 2 Names?": Party Veteran Anand Sharma On Gandhis

Congress "Confined To 2 Names?": Party Veteran Anand Sharma On Gandhis

Anand Sharma, senior party leader told Bibarud that Congress should think beyond Gandhis. The leadership issue has become a big one after Rahul Gandhi reaffirmed the negative view he had about the post at the top of the party. After Ghulam Azad was expelled, Shama, now a senior party leader, said that the party had been saved by a few leaders. They were like us… He said, “This party belongs to everyone.”

He said that there was no reason for the list to be restricted to Rahul Gandhi Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Is Congress limited to these names only? We are not making fun of the Congress’ history,” he said.

Two years ago, one of 23 leading figures wrote to Sonia Gandhi, demanding organizational changes. Mr Sharma stated that “as long as we have the letter, it is still viable.” We’re not rebels. Is it a crime to ask for the party’s constitution?

He resigned as the head of the Himachal Pradesh section’s “steering council” in advance of Himachal Pradesh assembly elections. According to sources, Sharma wrote to Sonia Gandhi in which he expressed his dissatisfaction at being excluded from the decisions made by the party ahead of the elections and stated that his self-respect was “non-negotiable”.

“Reiterating that my lifelong Congressmanship and I remain firm on all of my convictions…given the continual exclusions, insults, as self-respecting persons – I was forced to make a choice,” Sharma wrote on Twitter today, annoucing his resignation.