Conference on 'Lesser-known freedom fighters of Assam' held at Tezpur University

Tezpur University held a Conference about ‘Lesser known freedom fighters in Assam’

TEZPUR: On Monday, the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence was marked by a conference at Tezpur University about ‘Lesser-Known Freedom Fighters of Assam. This took place under the national celebration of Azadi K Amrit Mahotsav. Inaugural session began with Dr. Subrata Jaiti Neog’s welcome address. In her second speech, Dr. Mandakini barua (Assistant Professor at Department of Cultural Studies), explained the purpose of the conference.

Professor D. K. Bhattacharyya was the Pro Vice-Chancellor. Professor Bhattacharyya discussed the importance and value of such conferences. The University’s Registrar, Dr. Biren das, was present for the first session and spoke about the important role played by Chandranath Sharma, Padmanath Gohain Baruah, and the Indian freedom movement.

Dr. Chandan K Sharma, associate professor, Department of History, Dibrugarh University gave the keynote speech. Honorable Prof. Sheila Bora Prof. Sheila Bora was the Advisor to the Department of History at Royal Global University. In her speech, she highlighted the importance of Assamese females in the liberation struggle. Dr. Sharma spoke out about how it was important to have a conversation with people regarding the less well-known freedom fighters. This has not been possible through films or textbooks. A book called ‘Literature, Society and Literary Theory’, by Juri DUTTA, assistant professor, Department Of Assamese, Tezpur University, was presented at the opening session. Jyotishman, Assistant Professor of Assamese at Tezpur University, was the coordinator of this conference. He then voted thanks.

In the opening session, the papers of Dr. TarunGogoi (reknowned historian of Assam), Prof Sheila Bora, Dr. Dhanmoni Kalita, and Dr. Sanjib Sahoo were presented. Prof Bora presented the paper “Role and Assam Mahila Samiti: A catalyst for women’s participation in freedom struggle” (1921-47). Dr Kalita discussed ‘The relationship of Maniram dewan and the British Raj. Dr. Gogoi emphasized the ‘Role for Lokasewak Haladhar Bhuyan during the Freedom Struggle. Based on Sridam Chandra Mahanta’s autobiography, Dr. Sahu gave a captivating presentation about the history of Assam participating in INA. It was based on Dr. Sahu’s presentation titled “Aai Er Asamiya Sainikar Aatmakaha: The Autobiography an Assamese Soldier during INA”

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