Column of Prophets: Section 144 imposed on Assam's Kamlap district

Column of Prophets: Section 144 imposed on Assam’s Kamlap district

The move was triggered by recent violence across the country, following the derogatory remarks made by former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Kamlap district is the fourth district to take precautionary measures in the state, before which all three districts of the Barak Valley were located.

Siddhartha Goswami, the Justice of the Peace in the Kamlap region, will apply on Sunday to any public place where the rally is restricted and the procession is to be held based on Section 144 of the CrPC.

This decision is also made to prevent the slogan at any cost, so that people are not provoked or cause community tension.

According to orders, weapons, ammunition, explosives, and weapons of all kinds in public places and vehicles are strictly prohibited, and the use of speakers is restricted and will be effective immediately.

“Some unspecified individuals or groups of individuals or organizations / groups can cause a violation of public peace and tranquility and interfere with normal public life and general administration in unspecified locations within the Kamlap district. There is, “Siddhartha Goswami said in his order.