CM Himanta Biswa Sarma inspects areas affected by the Silchar flood

CM Himanta Biswa Sarma inspects areas affected by the Silchar flood

Silchar: Calling the Silchar flood artificial, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma said, “Strict measures will be taken against the villains who have damaged the Bethkandi embankment, which has flooded almost the entire town.” Stated. Salma, who conducted an aerial survey of the submerged area on Thursday, held a meeting at the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s meeting room to develop a plan to combat the unprecedented flood situation in Sirchar.

Salma, who later spoke with media outlets, said if people damaged the embankment themselves, how could they prevent such a disaster? But he said more platoons of the Army and Air Force would be deployed on Friday. Expert officials will be sent to Silchar to tackle the situation. In addition, 10,000 rupees of drinking water and other necessities will be systematically distributed among those who cannot leave their homes or relief camps.

With no electricity or internet services, the town is in a traumatic phase. Salma ensured that measures were taken immediately to recharge the damaged transformer. A team of APDCL specialists will be dispatched to Silchar to resolve the issue. A team of 10 staff also arrived at Sirchar to monitor the distribution of relief supplies.

Meanwhile, the road leading to Sylchar Medical College and the hospital was closed due to water flowing along the stream. Salma advised district authorities to arrange appropriate treatment for the patient at the municipal hospital until the road encouraged vehicle movement. The district administration in a press release on Sunday evening warned the people of Silchar that the flooding waters of the Barak River would flood the lowlands of the town as the villain damaged the embankments in the Bethkandi area. However, the administration did not explicitly mention when the embankment was damaged and what steps the relevant departments took to repair the damaged part of the embankment. Today, in response to questions from journalists, the Prime Minister said he would take harsh action against these villains.

On the other hand, in Sirchar, the situation was exacerbated on the fifth day of the Flood, when fresh areas were flooded after taking a shower all night. However, it is reported that some parts of the town have been drained. Airdrops of packaged drinking water by the Air Force took place throughout the day. More troops will be deployed, CM guarantees.

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