Cheques distributed under Chief Minister's Relief Fund in Pathsala

Pathsala: Cheques were distributed by the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

PATHSALA – Cheques worth Rs 8.25 lakh were given out by the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to 80 beneficiaries in Azad Bhavan and Pathsala, Patacharkuchi constituencies. Assam Government offered financial assistance to help those in need of money. The cheques were ceremonially handed out by Minister Ranjeet K Kumar Dass to the recipients.

He spoke to them and said that the Assam Government was trying to make the lives better for the middle class and the poor. To ensure that the poor can access proper healthcare, funds were provided. Dass stated, “In order to alleviate the suffering of patients in hospitals,” the State Government decided to grant financial assistance to patients through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Today, I handed out cheques to 80 people. This will hopefully help others.”

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