Checks were distributed to Sylchar's dollars under strict security

Checks were distributed to Sylchar’s dollars under strict security

Silchar: The first installment of compensation checks was ceremonially distributed among workers at the Dollar TE Estate, where Greenfield Airport will be set up on Monday, during a strict security and police flag march. A total of 141 workers were all retired and received checks from Sylcharsada Circle Officer Kumar Gaurabdas, District Labor Inspector V Chinza, and Real Estate Deputy General Manager Spryashikda. However, some workers say that even after receiving a check, they are never allowed to hand over the yard to the government to set up the airport. Because it determines their future destiny.

Of the 5 billion rupees, the tea plantation received compensation from the government. In the first phase, a total of 237 million rupees was released for PF and tip payments for retired workers. Sikdar has notified the officially applied worker’s PF account that 1.57 rupees have already been deposited. On Monday, the remaining 800,000 rupees were paid for the tip among 141 of the 170 workers who were short of tips. After this first stage payment, the real estate authorities are obliged to pay the worker 1 rupee in the interest of the PF or tip.

Meanwhile, fearing massive protests by excited workers, the district administration arranged strict security throughout the candidate site for Greenfield Airport, Dorty Estate. Workers resisted the demarcation process that forced the government to convene a hearing last month.

On Sunday, a party meeting attended by a group of major citizens insisted on setting up an airport at the proposed location. Dr. Rajdeep Roy, a local MP who later presided over the meeting, told the media that Mao Zedong forces were behind the labor dispute.

However, the dollar situation on Monday was quite normal. Even the mighty beings associated with the flag march led by DIG and SP did not make ripples in the garden.

However, the peaceful payment of compensation checks did not necessarily mean the decline of workers’ resentment. Bagan Panchayat’s Kunjarata Gatwal, who came to the real estate office to receive a check for her husband who had expired, clearly stated that everything given was their income, which they face. It does not make up for the loss. “The land we cultivate, the land that feeds us, never leaves our land,” she concludes.