Ration Card Rule Change; Use At Any Government Shop Now. Read

Changes to distribution card rules; now available to any government agency.read

The government’s “One Nation, One Ration Card” (ONORC) program has been successfully implemented nationwide, and Assam is the last state to operate this service. Under ONORC, beneficiaries subject to the 2013 National Food Safety Act (NFSA) are eligible for any electronic point-of-sale management device (ePoS) by using existing distribution cards with biometrics. You can get a supplement grain quota from the price shop. ..

Simply put, qualified people can smoothly get subsidized edible grains from government stores.

According to the Ministry of Food, the portability of distribution cards has contributed significantly to securing edible grain that has been subsidized by NFSA beneficiaries, especially immigrant beneficiaries, during the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years.

Currently, an average of about 300 million rupees per month for mobile transactions is recorded, and it flexibly provides beneficiaries with subsidized NFSA and free PMGKAY (Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana) edible grain anywhere. I added.

The center has also rolled out a “MERARATION” mobile application with the goal of getting the most out of the ONORC plan.