Over 500 families living on the Assam railroad tracks to survive the flood

Center sanctions for Assam railroad repair after flood Rs180 Chlore

The center has approved Rs 18 billion for the restoration of the railway network devastated by floods and landslides in the Dimahasao district of Assam.

Assam Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma confirmed the center’s allocation of 180 rupees for restoration work on Monday.

“The Ministry of Railways has also guaranteed that the restoration work of the railway network in the Dimahasao area will be completed by July 10, this year,” Salma said.

“Repairing damaged parts of important rail links restores the connection between Assam’s Barak Valley and Brahmaphutra Valley and reconnects parts of Tripla, Mizoram and Manipur with other parts of the country.” Added Mr. Salma.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Assam met with Union Railroad Minister Ashwini Weishnau in New Delhi on Sunday.