Carol-worthy white sandalwood logs confiscated in Assam's Hojai district

Carol-worthy white sandalwood logs confiscated in Assam’s Hojai district

In addition, three people identified as Abdul Ahad, Kamlulu Islam, and Hilal Ahmed were also arrested.

White sandalwood logs were reportedly cut off from the forests of the Dabaka Reserve and recovered from Kamurulu Islamic homes in Nahor village.

Meanwhile, police began investigating the matter.

Earlier, another similar hysterical incident came to the fore, where a man allegedly attempted to smuggle red sandalwood in a cinematic style.

The movie encouraged him a lot, and he tried to imitate the trick and smuggle red sandalwood into the truck.

He tried to copy the trick shown in the blockbuster movie “Pushpa Raj”. He loaded the truck with red sandalwood and placed a box of fruits and vegetables on it.