Cachar police confiscated drugs and three people were arrested

Cachar police confiscated drugs and three people were arrested

SILCHAR: Cachar police have confiscated 50,000 Yaba tablets in two separate attacks over the past three days. The market value of smuggled goods is almost 4 rupees. Police arrested three people allegedly carrying material. Rs. 11,500 were recovered from them.

On Wednesday morning, police recovered 30,000 Yaba tablets from the ISBT complex. The two were carrying smuggled goods on their motorcycles. They were identified as Manikuddin Laskar and Manjul Ahmed Laskar. Both were residents of Sirchar. Sources reported that they were waiting for customers at the ISBT complex.

On Thursday, Cachar police successfully captured another merchant from the Madhurband area of ​​Silchar town. One Aktar Hossain Laskar was arrested. Police recovered 20,000 tablets from him. Drug merchants smuggle smuggled goods from Myanmar and ferry them via Silchar.

Last year, police launched a major campaign against various syndicates operating in Barak Valley. No prominent trader was arrested either. But over the past few months, syndication has begun to resurface.

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