Cachar College principal Prof Siddharth Sankar Nath arrested

Professor Sidharth Sankar Nath, principal of Cachar College was arrested

SILCHAR: Cachar College principal, Prof Siddharth Sankar Nath has been taken into police custody. Rohan Kumar Jha (Deputy Commissioner) filed an FIR claiming gross negligence and misbehavior with officials. SP Ramandeep Kaur, Deputy Commissioner Rohan Kumar Jha, confirmed that the principal of Cachar College was arrested. He claimed they would interrogate Nath now and investigate the matter thoroughly.

Over 75000 aspirants representing three Barak Valley districts appeared at the examination that was held in 118 locations on Sunday. Cachar College has over 1200 students and is third in Silchar, after NIT College (GC College)

Cachar College’s representative did not arrive on Sunday morning in time to collect the question papers. According to sources, even the college gates weren’t opened at the scheduled time. According to reports, Jha called Nath asking for clarification. But he was then asked by the Principal to oil himself. Nath also reminded Jha of his role as principal and suggested that Jha talk to his juniors. Swadesh Ranjan Die, a Cachar College teacher in Philosophy, was later responsible for Sunday’s exam. He went into the strong room to get the questions papers. Das was also reported to have misbehaved when the Deputy Commissioner asked why the College authority had been so inconsiderate. According to sources, Jha then punched Das and requested that the officers detain him. Jha made Das kneel, according to reports. However, questions sheets were sent to Cachar College on time. Jha denied that he had slapped Das, but admitted to shouting at him. Jha filed an FIR with Silchar Sdar Thana. Police then picked Nath up from his home and arrested him.

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