Burmese python rescued from Hatizan- Daodhara village in Baska district

Rescue of a Burmese Python from Hatizan Daodhara Village in Baska District

PATHSALA: An 14.9-foot long Burmese Python, weighing in at around 100kg, was saved from Hatizan Daodhara village of Baska district. According to sources, the rescue team from Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism society and forest department raced on the spot immediately after receiving the information. They were able to safely rescue the python. Later, the snake was released in Manas National Park’s jungle.

“The snake was discovered in Hatizan Daodhara village. The locals informed us. Ramesh Narzary, secretary at Manas Maozigendri eco-tourism society said that the team reached the snake’s rescue and released the animal in Manas National Park.

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