BTC Executive Member visits flood-affected areas in Udalguri district

BTC executive member visits flood-affected area in Udalguri District

KALAIGAON. The flooding has affected the lives of people in Kalaigaon district. Many areas within the Kalaigaon income circle have been submerged by rising waters from Kulshi and Noa rivers, which flow from Bhutan hills. Many homes and other property were destroyed by the flood waters, with 36 revenue villages also being submerged. Flood shelters have been set up by the Udalguri district government at different locations to help flood-affected residents. District administration provides adequate food and water for flood victims, along with health care.

Diganta Barua was also an Executive Member of BTR and visited several flood-affected villages, including Hapabari (Balipara), Bhokelikanda, Bhokelikanda, Bhokelikanda, and Bhehguri, on Monday in order to evaluate the state of flood victims. EM Barua spoke with inmates, asking them to get in touch with him if there were any difficulties.

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