Boxing Champion Nihat Zarene's Abortion-Right Strike in the Hijab Row

Boxing Champion Nihat Zarene’s Abortion-Right Strike in the Hijab Row

Boxing World Champion Nihat Zaleen on Monday took part in a smoldering debate over a Muslim girl wearing a hijab at school and college, saying her outfit was entirely a choice for them. rice field.

“It’s completely their own choice. I can’t comment on their choice. I have my own choice. I like to wear such clothes. I like such clothes. My family doesn’t care about me wearing such clothes, so I don’t care what people are saying about me, “she said in an interview. I told Bibarud.

“But if they want to wear a hijab and follow their religion, it’s their personal choice. I have no problem with them wearing a hijab. After all, it’s It’s their own choice. I’m fine with that, “said Nihat Saleen.

A controversy over hijab (a scarf worn by some Islamic women) arose in Karnataka late last year after some right-wing groups opposed girls attending classes wearing hijabs.

After the Karnataka government banned clothing that “disturbs equality, honesty, and public order and morals,” the case spread inside and outside the state, snowballing into legal confrontations.