Delhi Man Shot Dead In Fight Between Schoolboys

Boss hate speech on Delhi police U-turn-on TV channel after coat rap

After being reprimanded by the Supreme Court, Delhi police registered a hate speech case related to Delhi’s “Durham Sansad.” Police today filed a new affidavit and notified the Supreme Court about it.

The speech calling for “Hindu Rashtra (Hindu State)” at the Hindu Yuva Vahiny event in Delhi was “not a hate speech,” the Delhi police had previously told the Supreme Court.

At this event, Sudarshan News TV Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke urged people to take an oath, saying: For it, die for it, and if necessary, kill for it. “

The event was held on December 19th last year by the right-wing group Hindu Yuva Vahiny.

In the new affidavit, police state that the FIR has been submitted after examining the material and that action will be taken in accordance with the law.