Books released at the Doom Duma Press Club

Books released at the Doom Duma Press Club

DOOMDOOMA: The first book “Bauddhik Sanghat AruJiwanar Bishad Ityadi” by renowned author Birke Bahadur Thapa was released at the inauguration conference and symposium of the book “Bauddhik Biporjay, Ajir Prajanma Aru Amar Bhabishyat” under the auspices on Sunday. ..

The symposium will first be on this subject with Tinsukia Zhira Zahitia Zaba (TZXX) former secretary and former principal of Rupai High School, Prakash Dutta, as coordinator and Associate Professor Shivagit Dutta of Duma University as chief speaker. talked. He talked about the process of intellectuals from the time of Socrates, and stated his opinion that intellectuals are the path of truth. But the road is tricky. Intellectuals often have to face the wrath of power in search of truth. But unlike those clever and opportunistic sections between them, they rarely compromise on establishment.

To understand his claim, he quoted the example of Galileo Galilei, the inventor of the telescope. Assam’s great vaishnavite saint who had to rely on the court of King Naranarayan of Kochbehar in the Middle Ages. He said that the advancement of civilization was due to the discovery of new truths.

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