Book donation function organized at Gargaon University

Book donation function organized at Gargaon University

SIVASAGAR: A book donation feature was held at Garhgaon College on Friday with a valuable collection of books presented to the Garhgaon College Central Library by the private library of Dr. Pona Mahanta, a prominent litter, former professor and dean of the Faculty of English at Dibrugarh University. was. It was officially launched.

Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta praises Dr. Pona Mahanta’s irreplaceable contributions to the academic and literary fields, and sincerely thank Dr. Pona Mahanta for his altruistic and benevolent contributions to the academic library. I expressed my intention.

Talking about the need to modernize the university library, he also thanked DrPankaj KrNath, librarian of the Garhgaon College Central Library, for his ongoing efforts to upgrade the library.

Dr. Pona Mahanta, who started the book collection, talked about the long relationship between Gargaon University and Shibusagar. Recalling the history of Kareng Ghar’s gradual evolution, he stated that Garhgaon College should continue to evolve and follow the path of progress. He said that every institution’s library is its soul and its value should be absorbed by students. Given the advent of social media and its negative impact on young people, he also encouraged student fraternity to work for the development of Assamese and literature by practicing reading and writing in Assamese.

In his speech, Dr. Panjaj Nath, a librarian at the university, thanked Dr. Pona Mahanta for his generosity and said that the books given by Dr. Mahanta would surely enhance the wit of the library. Dr. Lina Handik, Vice-Principal of the University, expressed her hope for proper use of the books donated by the university’s fraternity, including her teachers and students.

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