Boko High School principal accused of fund embezzlement

Principal of Boko High School accused of embezzlement

BOKO: Pradip Boko High School’s school head, allegedly defrauded the school of its mid-day-meal fund. This was reportedly from the bank account of the school.

On Thursday, a group of teachers from Boko High School organized a press conference at the school. The teachers claimed that Rs 5 lakh was stolen from the school’s principal. They claimed that the principal of the school had taken Rs 5.

Keshab Boro from Boko High School presided at the press conference. He said that in July the school principal asked for blank cheques to be signed by the president. However, the Principal informed him that he won’t withdraw more than Rs 70,000. The press meeting saw them produce bank statements that show the principal has withdrawn Rs 2. lakh from July 15th 2022 to Rs 2. lakh more on July 22nd 2022. Rs 1. lakh was withdrawn on July 27, and Rs 7.000 on July 30. Teachers later asked for the attention of the president and governing board members. The president looked into the bank balance and found Rs 5.70 lakh was withdrawn.

The teachers claimed that the principal was not being dealt with by the head of the school’s governing body. The school staff filed a complaint against the principal of the school and the president to Amingaon’s Inspector of Schools (IS).

Pradip Barman, principal at Boko High School admitted to having withdrawn the funds when he was asked. The money came from the government’s mid-day meals fund. The fund was not being used for long so it had to be returned. He had taken the money. Dipak Rabha (alumnus from Boko High School) filed an FIR to Boko Police Station. An investigation has been initiated by the police.

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