Blockage of drainage system leads to logging in Sivasagar area

Blockage of drainage system leads to logging in Sivasagar area

GAURISAGAR: Some of the people of the Gaurisagar Nakatani village of 50 families under the Sivasagar revenue circle in Jakaichuk Mouza in the Sivasagar district, the ONGC oilfield rig No. M 4900 is 100 meters away from Gaurisagar Tiniari, near the Mitten Bridge. It is in.

As a result, affected people and farmers lost agricultural production. People have repeatedly complained to the ONGC authorities, but they are said to have not listened. Inevitably, they submitted a memorandum of understanding to the Prime Minister of Assam asking for his intervention. They also submitted copies to Assam’s Chief Secretary, Sivasagar’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Assam’s Asset Management Company and Executive Director, ONG CL Nazira, Sivasagar. However, when there was no response, people blocked the front door of the rig for two hours and demanded a solution to the flooding problem.

ONGC authorities have assured the locals that the problem will be resolved soon. Affected people urged the ONGC authorities and the Sivasagar district administration to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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