BJP's Taginder Baga faces a new arrest warrant issued by the Punjab Court

BJP’s Taginder Baga faces a new arrest warrant issued by the Punjab Court

The day after Tajinder Pal Bagga’s dramatic arrest and “rescue,” the Mohari Court today arrested a BJP leader in Punjab police and was registered against him for making provocative statements. I instructed him to be arrested.Hostility and criminal intimidation of suspects

Bagga was detained from his home in Delhi by Punjab police in connection with the same incident on Friday morning. However, his arrest was thwarted by the Delhi police, who rushed to court and obtained an investigation warrant based on a kidnapping complaint filed by Mr. Bagga’s father.

Information related to the search warrant was then flashed by the local Delhi police, after which Haryana police stopped the car where Bagga was taken to Punjab. Bagga returned to his Janakpuri home early Saturday after appearing in front of a Dwarka court judge, allowing him to release him and return home.

Following the dramatic developments that led to the BJP-AAP turmoil, Punjab police approached the Mohari Court this morning to secure his arrest warrant.

The AAP governs Delhi and Punjab, and the BJP governs Haryana. However, the Delhi Police are under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry, not the AAP-led Delhi government.