BJPMLA to accompany Assam's Senna Rebels, Minister of Claims: Report

BJPMLA to accompany Assam’s Senna Rebels, Minister of Claims: Report

The Maharashtra minister, who accompanied Shiv Sena’s rebel Enato Sinde and others on Wednesday, claimed that BJPMLA was staying with them in Guwahati.

Bacchu Kadu, the Minister of Water Resources and the leader of Prahar Janshakti Paksh, told the news agency over the phone that BJP MLA Sanjay Kute remained in the MLA of Shiv Sena and Shinde’s rebels, news agency PTI reported.

“BJP’s Sanjay Kute is with us. He accompanies all Shiv Sena rebels MLA and some independent members of Guwahati,” he said.

The day before, Mr. Kute met Mr. Cinde and other rebel MLA at a hotel in Surat where he was secretly staying out of Mumbai.

Early Wednesday, a group of Senna’s senior leader and state cabinet minister, Cinde, and rebel Shiv Sena MLA flew from Surat to Guwahati.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena MLA Sanjay Shirsat claimed that 40 MLAs belong to Shinde, and that number will increase to 46 by late afternoon.