Biswanas Chariari's science cartoonist Sumant Balua wins the award

Biswanas Chariari’s science cartoonist Sumant Balua wins the award

BISWANATH CHARIALI: Scientific cartoonist Sumant Baruah was selected as No. 1 in the “Mayakamato Memorial Awards Caricature Excellence Award”. This award has been awarded annually by the Indian Cartoonists Association (until her time) in commemoration of the Maya Camart Memorial Trust and Maya Camart (1951-2001), India’s only female political cartoonist since 2008. .. English or Indian caricatures published in newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the year are invited by cartoonists and selected by the judges. The selected manga is from the July 2009 issue of Satsari Magazine. Barua is from Biswanas Chariari in the Biswanas district.

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