Biocon Chief Post "Something for Shashi Tharoor's entertainment"..His reply

Biocon Chief Post "Something for Shashi Tharoor’s entertainment"..His reply

Shashi Tharoor is a hot topic with his in-depth knowledge of English and exotic vocabulary. He showed his talent again on Saturday and replied to Biocon Chief Kiran Mazdal Shaw on Twitter.

Mazumdar-Shaw posted a photo tagged with the leader of Congress. This photo contained the following message: Nevertheless, balancing the extraordinary pharmaceutical intelligence and indecipherability transcends the incomprehensibleness of intercommunication. “

The message argued that the person who wrote the text must be a vocabulary genius.

The chief of Biocon said in a tweet: “Something for the entertainment of @ShashiTharoor!”

Parliamentarian Thiruvananthapuram replied to her: “Oh, Kiran,” I don’t understand “is not a word. It’s “mysterious” and it’s only 19 characters … “