Bilkis Bano

Bilkis Bano's Rapists Are "Brahmins, Have Good Sanskar": BJP MLA

According to the BJP’s Godhra MLA, Bilkis Banno, 11 of those convicted in the rape case against Bilkis Bano were released by Gujarat after serving 15 years. CK Raulji supported the men who were treated with sweets after they were released amid widespread anger across the nation.

CK Raulji, a BJP leader was part of the Gujarat government panel which unanimously decided that the rapists should be released. This decision was made after one convict approached the Supreme Court for remission. The matter was then transferred onto the state government.

I don’t know if they were guilty of any crimes. “But there has to have been intention of committing criminality,” CK Raulji explains to the Mojo Story reporter.

Brahmins were known for their good sanskaar. In the interview which circulated widely via social media, the MLA said that someone might have tried to jail them. He said that the convicts were good citizens while they were in prison.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech about women empowerment at the Red Fort ramparts on Independence Day, the rapists ran free. Soon afterward, video footage showing their warmth of welcome from a right-wing organization emerged.