A Bike And Rs 10,000: What Killers Got For Amravati Chemist

Bike, Rs 10,000: What the chemist killer of Amrabati got, police say

Police today revealed that the murderer had killed a motorcycle and 10,000 rupees in a social media post in Amravati, Maharashtra, the chemist Umesh Kolhe.

Police also commented on Islam with the Prophet Mohammed, whose June 21 murder offended people both inside and outside India, social support for the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. He said he knew it was related to media posts. “But the nature of the case was so sensitive that we didn’t reveal its relevance,” police commissioner Arty Singh said at a news conference.

Federal Interior Minister Amit Shah ordered the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to take over the case about 10 days after the murder, as local BJP forces accused police of trying to hide the real reason for political reasons. .. The local BJPMP Navneet Kaur Rana keenly asked the state government at the time, led by Uddhav Thackeray. Now, after two weeks of political turmoil, her party is in power in the state. The new Prime Minister, Eknath Shinde, said the killings were a “national problem.”

The commissioner argued that police were late until the NIA takeover was announced. “Member of Parliament (Navneet Kaur Lana) has made false allegations because she registered an attempted murder of her husband Ravi Lana a few days ago,” she said.

Umesh Kolhe, 54, was killed by two men on a motorcycle with a knife on his way home. This was a week before a similar killing took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan.