Bihar Minister Calls Himself

Bihar Minister Calls Himself "Sardar Of Thieves", Jabs Boss Nitish Kumar

Raging an argument, Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh has claimed that there are various ‘thieves” in his division, and he’s the “sardar” of them.

The minister in Nitish Kumar authorities additional claimed that there are various different “Sardars” above him too. Addressing a public assembly in Kaimur, Mr Singh attacked the Nitish Kumar-led coalition authorities in Bihar.

“There’s not a single wing of our (agriculture) division that doesn’t commit acts of theft. As I’m the in-charge of the division, I turn out to be their Sardar. There are numerous different chieftains above me too. The federal government has modified, however the working model remained the identical. Every thing is identical as earlier than.”

He alleged that Bihar State Seed Company embezzled round Rs 200 crore within the identify of giving reduction to farmers.