Bihar Cop Compares Popular Front Of India With RSS, Triggers Huge Row

Bihar Cop Comparing Popular Front Of India with RSS, Triggers Huge row

Today’s controversy was triggered by a Bihar Police senior officer making a statement regarding a terror module they found. The officer explained the tactics of the group that was trying to recruit new members. He also cited Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as the ideological mentor for the BJP.

According to Manavjeet Singh Dhillon (the Senior Superintendent of Police in Patna), “Like there is shakhas training to use lathis by RSS, similarly under guise physical education PFI were calling youth to their centre and promoting their ideology, and trying to brainwash them.”

Leaders of the BJP condemned the statement with angry tweets

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar SushilModi tweeted, “Patna SSP must immediately withdraw such statement.