Big Blow To UK PM Boris Johnson As Key Ally Priti Patel Tells Him To Resign

Boris Johnson, UK PM is a big blow. Key Ally Priti Patel tells him to resign

On Wednesday, senior British cabinet members huddled in Downing Street. Some were reportedly pushing Prime Minister Boris Johnson for resignation after his scandal-hit government was abandoned by dozens.

According to multiple reports, a delegation of cabinet members awaited the return of a long-running grilling conducted by a committee.

The group was believed to be made up of Priti Patel, a hardline minister for interior and Nadhim Zhawi who is barely 24 hours into his job as finance minister.

Two Johnson loyalists, Nadine Dorries & Jacob Rees Mogg, were present in the cabinet and declared their unwavering support. They also entered 10 Downing Street and continued the crisis meeting for more than 2 hours.

“Grim mood at Downing Street. Pippa Crerar (respected political editor of the Daily Mirror) tweeted: “No 10 Insider Says ‘lots Of Tears’ In Building.”