BIEO grilling ex-bank MD Subhrajytoi Bharali over loan fraud

BIEO grilling ex-bank MD Subhrajytoi Bharali over loan fraud

GUWAHATI – Subhrajytoi Bharali (ex-Managing Director) of the Industrial Co-operative Bank has been under the care of the Bureau of Investigations (Economic Offences (BIEO), since July 4, and is currently being interrogated for misappropriation of funds.

Bharali, a former money-laundering suspect had previously been arrested by Enforcement Directorate.

On Thursday, BIEO officials told mediapersons that nine people complained that Bharali, as the Industrial Co-operative Bank’s MD had taken fraudulent loans to their names using forgery or other illegal methods. According to BIEO officials, one Mitul Choudhury filed an FIR and eight victims in connection with this matter on June 29. They claimed that they were notified by the Industrial Co-operative Bank Maligaon in December and January last years to repay various loan amounts.

Because they never had applied for loans, the complainants stated that they were stunned to have received notices. After obtaining the necessary information, they discovered that the loans were sanctioned to their names. These included two loans for Rs 255,000 and Rs 8,38 7,747 in Mitul Choudhury. A loan of Rs 55,000 in Jonali Das’ name; a loan in Rs 255,000 in Anup Choudhury’s account; a loan in Rs 25,000.000 in Jonali Das’ name; a loan in Rs 25 000 in Nitul Kalita’s name; a Loan of Rs 40.000 in Sonti Das.

However, BIEO officials said that Subhankar Saga was being arrested in a separate matter.

Saha was detained on the ground of a complaint filed by Ibrahim Khalil from Karupetia on June 14. Khalil claimed that Rs 18 Lakh was stolen from him along with three others under pretext of providing biscuits and dry sweetmeats from M/s Banu Consumer Products in Hyderabad. Khalil stated that his money was taken by the accused and they then supplied defective products to him. He also claimed that the defendants never modified the goods or returned his money.