Biden To Release 1st Image From NASA

Biden To Release 1st Image From NASA's New Space Telescope

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America will release Monday one of the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope. This is the largest observatory to orbit the Earth and an important step in discovering the secrets of our distant universe.

According to official statements, the unveiling will be at 5:00pm (2100 GMT) in the context of a livestreamed event hosted at the White House. It is expected that there will be a lot of anticipation from the space community.

NASA last week revealed that Webb had been selected as one of its first targets. These included faraway galaxies, bright stars and an enormous gas planet.

A person who is familiar with this subject said that the US president will release the very first image of the “deepfield” — an image with a long exposure time to pick out the faintest objects far away — as the initial image.