Biden praise "India's success" middle "China's failure" About Covid: Report

Biden praise "India’s success" middle "China’s failure" About Covid: Report

US President Joe Biden praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a private session of the Quad Summit in Tokyo on Tuesday, contrasting “India’s success with China’s failure” in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. News agencies PTI and ANI reported.

An unnamed official quoted by the two agencies said Mr Biden praised Prime Minister Modi for dealing with Covid’s pandemic “successfully and in a democratic way.”

Although the two countries are reportedly of similar size, he contrasted India’s success with China’s failure to deal with a pandemic.

The success of Prime Minister Modi is the myth that democracy “can better handle a rapidly changing world because dictatorships like China and Russia can make and execute decisions without going through a long democratic process. We have shown to the world that we can achieve and ruin. I’m saying

According to people familiar with the matter, President Biden’s remarks appeared to be unscripted, as he made a special intervention to say this before the prepared remarks.