Joe Biden Aims To Restore Abortion Rights, Says US Supreme Court

Biden Aims To Restore Abortion Rights, Says Supreme Court "Out Of Control"

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America said that Federal legislation was the best way to restore abortion rights in the USA. He urged Americans to vote for pro-choice lawmakers in future elections to overthrow an “outof control” Supreme Court.

Biden was pressured to stand firm on women’s reproductive rights and signed an executive to ensure access to abortion.

However, the president stated that the only way for the government to address the problem is through voting. This would give him complete control of the legislature.

He appealed to American women, “Vote! Vote!”

Passing a national Roe law is the fastest way to restore Roe. This will be signed immediately on its arrival at my desk. Biden stated that we cannot wait, referring specifically to Roe v Wade’s 1973 ruling which gave birth to the legal right to abortion.