Benefits under PMCARES released in the Kokrajhar district

Benefits under PMCARES released in the Kokrajhar district

KOKRAJHAR: As in other parts of the country, the Kokrajhar district administration on Monday was held to release benefits and services to children who lost their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic under PMCARES through a video conference. I also participated in the program.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi effectively announced the benefits and services to the beneficiaries under PM CARES and worked on the program while emphasizing the key features of the scheme.

Vice-Chairman Varnali Deka of Kokrajhar, who participated in the program, gave the Prime Minister’s letter, Sneh Patra (PM CARES certificate), PM CARES for children Passbook, AB Health Card-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) to children. I handed it over. Who is benefiting under the scheme?

The PM CARES for children scheme ensures comprehensive care and protection for children of COVID-19 victims, enables children’s well-being through health insurance, empowers children through education and provides financial support. It can be said that it is to be self-sufficient.

Chairman of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Kokrajar, Maroti Lani Narzary and other members of the Commission, members of the Juvenile Justice Committee (JJB), additional vice-members, district social welfare officers, parents Beneficiaries witnessed the program held here. NIC.

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