Baramon Samaj's annual meeting ends at Morigaon

Baramon Samaj’s annual meeting ends at Morigaon

MORIGAON: MORIGAON’s 62nd Annual Meeting Brahman Samaj ended Sunday at Vishnumondir in MORIGAON, which began on June 11. The two-day program ended with various religious programs at Vishnumondir. On June 11th, the day began with the raising of the Brahman Samaj flag by the president of MZBS WawlCh. Goswami.

Later, “dharmadhwaj” was founded by an advisor to the reception committee Sisir Sarma. Vice President of Axam Xahitya Xabha Milanini Devi joined the program as Chief Guest. Milanini Devi has announced Rs 200,000 to build a new building on the Mandir campus. On Sunday, the day began with “Plavat Bandana” by the priest of Bishnu Mandir Rakikanta Cha Goswami.

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