Bangladesh opens its longest bridge to connect India

Bangladesh’s PM, Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge, a project expected to give Bangladesh a development boost. At over 6.2 kilometers long, it connects India to Bangladesh via rail and roadways. The bridge will impact the lives of 30 million people in Bangladesh.

The Padma Bride, which was built with domestic financing, defies many assumptions and questions. The World Bank cancelled a loan in 2012 that would have built Bangladesh’s longest bridge after corruption allegations were made. However, the government states that these allegations were never proven.

Hasina recognizes the work everyone has put into the construction of this bridge and is thankful for their tireless efforts. She also hopes that this achievement will boost those who opposed it’s construction in the first place. In retrospect, she thinks that when they said the project was a “pipe dream”, they were being foolish.

The completion of this much-awaited project, made possible by the visionary leadership of PM Sheikh Hasina and the people’s support for the Prime Minister’s brave decision, is an extraordinary example of partnership. It testifies to the courageous decision which we firmly believe in and wholeheartedly support.”

The new bridge will significantly cut travel times to Dhaka and help more people access the city.