Awareness program on the balanced use of fertilizers in Dibrugarh

Awareness program on the balanced use of fertilizers in Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH: Romai-based Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dibrugarh, under the guidance of ATARI, ICAR, Guwahati offices and directors, “Efficient and balanced fertilizers (including NI5 Guino fertilizers)” for the benefit of farmers in the district. We carried out a one-day awareness-raising program on “use that was taken”. Jorhat, Assam Agricultural University, Faculty of Extension Education.

Hem Chandra Saikia, senior scientist and head of Kendra, will apply a balanced amount of fertilizer to the participating farmers, following the recommendations of agricultural experts and scientists, while giving an inaugural address. I urged you to do it. Income and profit from crop production by optimal use of fertilizer input.

Dr. Dilip Patgiri, professor and director of soil science at Jorhat Assam Agricultural University, is very concerned about various aspects of the efficient use of balanced fertilizers in crop production for the greater benefit of the district’s agricultural community. We gave a useful and easy-to-understand presentation. Via virtual mode.

Dr. Rupjyoti Borah, a junior extension specialist at the Department of Extension and Education at Assam University of Agriculture, Jorhat, also talked about the balanced use of fertilizers in agriculture.

A total of 68 participants participated in the program. This program was part of a national campaign by the Government of India Azadi KaAmrit Mahotsav.

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