Awareness conference on water system and vector disease-borne diseases held in Tezpur

Awareness conference on water system and vector disease-borne diseases held in Tezpur

Tezpur: Awareness raising meeting was held at the Labor Relations Commission Secretariat on May 6 with the aim of raising awareness and managing water-borne and water-borne diseases such as Japanese encephalitis and dengue fever by taking preventive measures. It was held. .Pradip Kumar Lahkar, Medical Inspector of Plantations in Tezpur, Tea Garden Association ABITA, TAI, Senior Physician, ADC Health Sonitpur, Co-Director of Health Services, District and Trade Unions, ACMS of Various Branches of Sonitpur District.

During the meeting, Dr. Pradip Kumar Larker discussed precautions to be taken at the tea plantations in the Sonitopur district. Dr. Lahkar urged all garden managers to take appropriate steps to provide safe drinking water, prevent open defecation, repair broken drainage systems, and regularly chlorinate water stations. .. He also required all managers to follow the guidelines of the District Health Department to prevent water- and vector-borne illnesses in the garden.

The Joint Director of Health Services has urged trade unions to expand their cooperation with horticultural authorities in taking precautions to prevent water-borne diseases. Trade union representatives attending the meeting requested management to hire a tea plantation health assistant and welfare office to monitor precautionary measures.

ABITA and TAI have urged district administration to stop selling unsanitary food in the market and stop selling illegal liquor in the yard.

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