Attack on Gorakhnath Temple was accused "Contacted ISIS": UP police

Attack on Gorakhnath Temple was accused "Contacted ISIS": UP police

The Gorakhnath Temple attack was accused of contacting fighter and sympathizers of the banned terrorist organizations Iraq and the Islamic State of Syria (ISIS), Uttar Pradesh police police (law and order). )’S additional director, Prashant Kumar, said.

Mr. Kumar said on Sunday, April 3 in connection with the Gorakhnath Temple incident, in which Ahmad Murta Zaabashi attempted to forcibly invade the temple grounds and attacked police on duty. I shared an excerpt from a survey by Terror Squad (UP ATS). Personnel with sharp weapons.

Mr. Kumar said he intends to carry out a major operation after the defendant robbed his weapons.

“He made a deadly attack on a lone wolf at the south gate of Gorakhnath Temple and tried to steal the guard’s rifle on duty. His intention was to carry out a large-scale operation after stealing weapons.” He said.

During the course of the investigation, anti-terrorism forces analyzed the handles of various devices and social media owned by the accused.