Supreme Court Hears Husband

Assam’s “turn Madrasa to school” order was challenged by the Supreme Court

An appeal was filed with the Supreme Court on Tuesday, challenging the Gauhati High Court’s order in support of the Assam Abolition Act of 2020.

The High Court on February 4 dismissed the petition to challenge the validity of the law, and the changes brought about by state legislative and administrative measures were only for the public school, State Madrasa, private or private. He said it was not for community schools.

In an appeal against the February 4 order, Md ImadUddin Barbhuiya and others sought to stay in the High Court’s order.

“The appeal was filed through the proponent Adeel Ahmed, and the High Court falsely observed that” Petitioner Madrassas is a public school and is fully maintained by the state through stateization. ” Religious guidance is not allowed. “

The law abolished two laws, the Assam Madrasa Education State Act of 1995 and the Assam Madrasa Education (Statement of Employee Services and Reorganization of Madrasa Educational Institutions) Act of 2018.

The appeal states that the Assam Madrasa Education (Statement) Act of 1995 (abolished by the 2020 Act) will pay salaries and consequent benefits to educational and non-educational staff employed in Madrasa. He said he was limited to the promised states. Management, management and control of these madrasas.