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Assam’s Prime Minister sues Delhi Minister Manish Sissodia for defamation

Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma of Assam has been suspected of fraudulent activity in signing a Covid Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) contract when Deputy Prime Minister Delhi Manish Sisodia was the Minister of Health of the State Government. I have filed a defamation lawsuit. Mr. Sisodia claimed that Salma had signed a PPE kit contract with a company associated with his wife, significantly exceeding the price of his gear.

Mr. Salma’s wife, Liniki Buyan Salma, has already filed a defamation proceeding against Minister Delhi for Rs. 10 billion.

“Himanta Biswa Salma signed a contract with his wife’s company. He paid £ 990 for the PPE kit and bought the other kits from another company for £ 600 on the same day. This is a big crime,” said Sisodia. Said while leveling. Allegations earlier this month.

Mr. Sisodia claimed to have documents to prove that.

At that time, Mr. Salma warned Mr. Sisodia, “We will meet you soon in Guwahati because we are facing criminal defamation.”

On June 1, the digital media organization (“The Wire” and “The Crosscurrent” based in Guwahati) announced in a joint research report that the Assam government provided four COVID-19-related emergency medical supplies to companies related to Ms. Salma. Claimed to have ordered. The right process.