Another targeted attack in Kashmir's Krugam, a man shot dead by a terrorist

Assam’s Fake Encounter in 1994: Here’s what the High Court said about the claim for compensation:

In the case of killing five men in a fake encounter in Assam 28 years ago, the Gauhati High Court held a court martial of seven Indian Army officials convicted before deciding to compensate the victims. I ordered the petitioner to get a copy of. The family will be taken.

In 2018, the Court-martial (SGCM) sentenced seven officials, including the Major General, to life imprisonment for the 1994 killing of five men detained after the killing of the tea plantation manager.

Supreme Court Justice N Kotiswar Singh and Judge Nani Tagia, acting High Courts, said the details of the court martial may be relevant to the confirmation of compensation.

The court is hearing two petitions, including one filed in February 1994, shortly after the man was detained, and is currently seeking compensation. Bench, when the copy was first sought by the petitioner’s lawyer, KN Choudhury, a central government lawyer told the court: Court-martial. ”

Section 147A sets certain conditions and explicitly states that copies will not be shared “if the central government proves to be contrary to the interests of national security or friendly relations with foreign countries”.

The High Court has postponed the petition until a decision was made to provide a copy. “The competent authority will make a quick decision,” he said.