Assam's BJP-led government ends its one-year term

Assam’s BJP-led government ends its one-year term

Federal Interior Minister Amit Shah has been visiting the state for two days to commemorate this opportunity. Several projects have been started and started by the Minister of Interior during his stay in Assam.

Amit Shah will also address a public rally to commemorate the first anniversary of the BJP administration.

In addition, the state government has its own plans to commemorate the year’s power with the launch of a megaproject. The ruling BJP aims to use this opportunity as an ideal moment to further strengthen its foundation and strengthen its position ahead of next year’s Panchayat elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha vote.

“We plan to launch a new membership drive in Assam later this year to reach the goal of Rs. 500,000 BJP members in Assam. In addition to peace and development, Assam Our goal is to make it flood-free. “

Assam’s BJP-led government partner Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), in partnership with the Saffron Party, will host a program to commemorate the completion of CM Salma’s year at the party headquarters in Guwahati on May 8. Did. Term of office.

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