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Assam’s Behari Protected Forest designated as a “Wildlife Refuge”

In connection with this, on May 4, a government bulletin was issued indicating the area of ​​157.25 square kilometers under the Bulgan forest range of the Sonitopur East Forest in the Biswanat district as the Behari Wildlife Refuge.

“The Governor of Assam has appointed Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Biswanath district to act as a collector under the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1972, and the restrictions set forth in the schedule,” the notice read.

The Behari Protected Forests was declared in 1917 and is one of the few remaining forests in the Biswanat area. The original 140 square kilometers of protected forest has now shrunk to just 80 square kilometers due to illegal invasion and deforestation.

This forest once connected the Pake and Nameri Tiger Sanctuary in the east to Sinlijan, Gopur, Darn and Kakoi in the west via the Pubhoi RF, providing a highway for the movement of endangered elephants and other wildlife. created.

However, this long forest area is now heavily fragmented, with some remaining intact and other forests declining into a huge agricultural landscape. Behari Protected Forests have remained unexplored for almost a century and are now creating wonders.

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