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Assam: ULFA Chairman Dr. Mukuru Hazarika, allegedly acquitted of extradition on suspicion of terrorism in the United Kingdom

A doctor named Dr. Mukul Hazarika was fighting a lawsuit regarding his delivery to India on suspicion of terrorism.

PTI reports that a 75-year-old British citizen and general practitioner (GP) from Cleveland in northern England has been instructed by Indian authorities to wage war, attempt war, and bet war on Indians. Was requested by. government.

He was also charged by Indian authorities for attempting to commit terrorist acts under the 1967 Illegal Act (Prevention) Act.

The decision of Judge Michael Snow in the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster stated that the accused should be acquitted because the details of the case were unsatisfactory.

“There is no acceptable evidence to prove that the respondent ULFA (I) is President of Assam,” he added.

The judge also said that Hazarica was called the self-proclaimed head of the ULFA banned organization in India.