Assam: Two Students From Dibrugarh University Feared Drowned In Arunachal's Siang River

Assam: Two students from Dibrugarh University are feared to have drowned in Arunachal’s Siang River

According to reports, the incident occurred on Sunday.

Prosiddha, a student hailing from Assam’s Chiring Chapori district in Dibrugarh, is a PGDCA student last semester, while Subhodeep, who hails form Gohpur, is a BCA sixth-year student.

Five students from Dibrugarh University took a bath at the Siang River in Pasighat to get rid of the heat, according to reports. Subhodeep, Prosiddha and Handique both from Dibrugarh University disappeared while they were in the water.

The three other friends began to search for them. When they weren’t found, rescue crews were called.

Reports indicate that both Assam rescue teams and Arunachal Pradesh rescue teams are involved in the Siang river search.