Assam: Two arrested in Dibrugarh animal rights activist’s suicide case

Assam: Two arrested in Dibrugarh animal rights activist’s suicide case

DIBRUGARH: Assam police arrested two people Friday over the death of Dibrugarh’s animal rights activist. 

Baidullah Shah Khan and Nishant Singh were both arrested in connection to the death of Vineet Bagaria, an animal rights activist.

They were taken into custody by a team of police from Dibrugarh on Friday. Sanjay Singh and Izaz Khan, two more of their accused are still missing.

Vineet Bagaria committed suicide Thursday by hanging himself from his Dibrugarh residence on Shani Mandir Road.

Massive reactions have been received in Dibrugarh. For an hour, Dibrugarh residents protested in front the Dibrugarh Police Station demanding that they be executed.

The protesters raised slogans ‘Dibrugarh police go back’ ‘SP Murdabad’.

The Dibrugarh police station chief was also asked to be suspended. 

“We demanded capital punishment for the culprits. Despite filing multiple complaints against Sanjay Sarma and Baidullah Khan, police did not take the case seriously. Vinnet tried hard to get justice but when he failed to do so, he took the extreme step,” said a protester. 

Carrying posters and banners seeking ‘justice for Vineet’ large numbers of people gathered at his residence to pay tributes to Bagaria.

His body and a demonstration march were held on Dibrugarh street. Large numbers of people participated.  

Vineet, before his death, had made a video accusing Baidullah Khan (Sanjay Sharma, and Nishant Sharma) of mentally and physically harassing him, his family, and some property he rented.

Vineet’s father Kailash Kumar Bagaria, a chartered accountant of Dibrugarh town filed an FIR at the Dibrugarh Police Station on Thursday evening naming the three persons responsible for his son’s death.

Vineet’s death had caused widespread outrage in the town as he was quite popular for his accommodative nature.

He could often be seen on the streets of Dibrugarh caring for sick and abandoned animals and feeding them stray dogs.

Vineet is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Animal Welfare People (AWP), a non-governmental organization that cares for stray dogs.

He had saved many injured dogs from accidents through his rescue group. Vinnet fed many homeless dogs during the Covid-19 epidemic. Vinnet’s love of animals inspired young people to become members of the NGO.

Sources said that for the last several years there has been a dispute going on between Vineet’s family and Baidullah Khan.

Vineet’s father is said to have given a space on the ground floor of his residence on the Shani Mandir Road to Sanjay Sharma to run a business but he had allegedly sub-let the space to Baidullah Khan who then opened a motorcycle spare parts shop. 

Protesters furious on Friday shut down the shops.