The Sentinel Assam

Assam: Today, a court that passes an order on the approval or disapproval of bail charges for Zignes Mevani.

A court on Thursday withheld the order after hearing the plea of ​​Mevani’s bail remanded to five days of police detention in connection with the assault case.

A court in the Barpeta district on Tuesday dismissed the petition for bail for independent Gujarat MLA and Dalit activist Zigneshmevani, and the day after being re-arrested by Assam police on various charges, including “indignation,” he was policed ​​for five days. Sent to detention. The modesty of female police officers. “

The court of Barpeta’s Justice Secretary was re-arrested on Monday, six days after being arrested by Assam police from Gujarat’s home state, and shortly after the CJM court in the Kokrajar district granted bail, Gujarat legislators. Was sent back to the police. In connection with an “unpleasant” tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s Barpeta parliament protested the arrest of Gujarat MLA.

Bupenbora, chairman of the Assam Pradesh Parliamentary Commission, and Miraborta Coeur, chairman of the Assam Mahira Parliament, also participated in the protest.

“Many criminals were free to move around in this society, but Mevani was arrested in the wrong case,” Bora said.